Sterek fics

I'm looking for a few different fics, all teen wolf and all sterek. My bookmarks are a mess and all of these were on ao3

1). Derek rebuilds the Hale house and Stiles inadvertently basically is the one to decorate and design it, they had a pool and weapon room and a baby witch is sent to them by a coven with an evil coven leader named eleanor


2). hunter convention fic where stiles goes to a hunter convention to learn stuff and hold booths and stuff, he does a thing where he moderates a discussion and this one dude just wont let them procede but then one of that hunter's friends is like "come on man, stfu already!!

Thanks so much for helping me!!


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Only 1 week left in Portland,Or..then its my move to Chapel Hill,NC for graduate school.....its going to be so weird so far away from family and friends. Damn...the heat and humidity too XD but still whole new experience.
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Graduate school wise- got into my school of last resort San Jose State University (not that it inst a good school, just that it is the fully online program and I'd prefer real on campus face-to-face classes). Sent out applications for University of North Caroline and Indiana State University, but they haven't sent out responses yet as their application deadlines are just now ending.

Medical Issues- well after several tests, blood, other fluids ultrasound and a HIDA scan, a visit to a G.I specialist its official, they believe my gallbladder is blocked/not working. So I have a date set, June 10th for surgery to get it removed. Hopefully this is the only issue and I can got back to a pain/violent sickness free life where I can eat food without fear of it coming back up painfully at random times.


I walked in the Summer commencement ceremony yesterday! ^_^ I have got my BS with a Major in Psychology and a Minor in Sociology, all I gotta do now to make it all official is pick up my degree from the Degree Requirement Office when it opens.

It was nice, hot but there was plenty of shade for the graduating seating as the park blocks has a lot of trees. ^^ Family came, Angie and her mom came. Then afterward's we all went to the Spaghetti Factory for lunch (too a bit longer for me to get there, my ride-Amber- got lost and we were stuck on Naito and Hooker for about 30 minutes figuring out where we were and which way to go). ^^ Went home with Angie afterward's and hung out with her and Jesus. All in all a good day.

^_^ God one step closer to finishing school..just 3 years left hopefully, that is if I get into the graduate program I want for my Masters. ^__^
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Well 4th of July is coming up you people near me any plans? Anyone wanna just hang out? Go to the Blues Festival? Something? XD I need a break from summer class homework already
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Some Cute Pics

Here's some cute pics of my nice and nephew..and a snapping turtle Dad found in their pool after the storms and flooding XD

First RJ and Raelynn

Tina and Raelynn

Tina and RJ

Turtle and Tina w/Turtle


A Few Memphis in May Pics

Here's a few Memphis in May pics, my Dad e-mailed there to me, the rest though he put on a disk and is mailing to me so those I'll put up later ^^

Blurry 30 Seconds to MArs Pic, most for this band are blurry-the dark the strobe lights and movement made it almost impossible to get a clear pic, though I did get one or two, thier on the disk so I'll post em later ^^

Jerry Lee Lewis getting started

Can't remember or tell, but judgeing by light its either Pubble of Mudd setting up or Chavelle

Tina at Memphis in May early on ( aka no deep mud)

The Shallow Mud XD

Crowd Shot and a look at the ground (the shiny spot is an area of ankle/over ankle deep mud)

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Late post of Day 3 of the Beale Street Festival

Well I got back on Sunday and spent time with my family instead of posting and I was on a pane all day then to tired yesterday to post so here is a short summary of Day 3. ^^

Well we got there around 5pm and parted ways again thern to Booker T and the Mg's me to 5 fingered death punch..which was ok but I didnt stay to close for their act XD my poor ears. By this day it was muddy everywhere, varying ankle deep and two inch deep mud everywhere at the south end where I spent most my time. Anyway after that I listed to Chavelle which was pretty cool, then I met up with Dad and Angie to wait for 3 Doors Down..after waitign for a whole 30 minutes after when they were supposed to start the President of the Music festival came on to day 3 Doors Down who were i Nashville recording could drive down, the highway was flooded out, then they booked a lear jet which then had mechanical difficultys then booked another plane which apparently also had mechanical difficulties so they weren't showing up which really really sucked...I was looking forward to them. They then got an earlier band to play again, some band called Rock Sugar, but we left. XD ad that was the end of the Festival ^^.
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Day 2 of the Beale Street Festival

Well yesterday was a little off, the festival opened/started 2 hours late to the intense thunderstorm and flooding all Friday night and Saturday morning, thunderstorms here are spectacular, nothing like the ones in Portland/willamate valley. SO I went in my rubber boots and poncho..was fun wading though ankle deep mud near the later part of the evening XD. Saw some Jerry Lee Lewis before heading to the south stage again. There I got to watch an hour of Puddle of Mud and and hour of Seether. However everything/all the bands were starting early as the cut the first ones due to the late opening. So Alice in Chains was supposed to be on and hour early ar 9:30pm and I wadded though mud and beer cans to get close to attempt to get a picture for Angie( was dark with low/weird lighting so it was iffy) but then the loud announcment came up 'due to increment weather this event has been canceled..please proceed to the exits. Basically there'd been a tornado warning since Saturday morning, the alarms were going still when we got to the festival, but the warning/threat level for Memephis went up so the for safely reasons canceled the last acts of the nights/ended it early. So sadly no Alice in Chains for Tina. Hopefully today goes well though my feet hurt and got big blisters on them XD I've been hobbling around this morning, well I'll post again later tonight. ^_^
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Day 1 of the Beeale Street Music Festival

Well I just got back from the first day of the Beeale Street Music Festival. ^^ was awesome and really nice only started raining at 11pm, though Dad says the rest of the weekend is gonna be =very wet as it usualy is every year at this festival, people all com in their rain ponchos and rubber boots XD

So music, spent about 15 minutes listening to the Blues Travalers. Then an hour of the B-52's,when they were done I went to the south stage to listen to 30 Seconds to Mars for over and hour..which was pretty great the lead singer was very interactive, and he crowd surfed and climed the scaffolding XD there was a mini mosh pit an lots of jumping screaming and chanting crowd surfing and at the end about 20 people form the crowd got to go up on the stage with the band for the last throats still a bit raw from that hour. After that it was just an hour of Coco Montoya with Dad and Angie at the Blues tent. ^_^ Overall it was nice. Though after 7 hours standing up my feet are killing me..with 2 days still to go.

Tomorrow its Chavelle, 5 fingered death punch and Alice n Chains for me..with some random other stages/bands before those three play...and it'll be 8 hours waling and standing in rubber boots and a rain poncho XD
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