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Day 1 of the Beeale Street Music Festival

Well I just got back from the first day of the Beeale Street Music Festival. ^^ was awesome and really nice only started raining at 11pm, though Dad says the rest of the weekend is gonna be =very wet as it usualy is every year at this festival, people all com in their rain ponchos and rubber boots XD

So music, spent about 15 minutes listening to the Blues Travalers. Then an hour of the B-52's,when they were done I went to the south stage to listen to 30 Seconds to Mars for over and hour..which was pretty great the lead singer was very interactive, and he crowd surfed and climed the scaffolding XD there was a mini mosh pit an lots of jumping screaming and chanting crowd surfing and at the end about 20 people form the crowd got to go up on the stage with the band for the last throats still a bit raw from that hour. After that it was just an hour of Coco Montoya with Dad and Angie at the Blues tent. ^_^ Overall it was nice. Though after 7 hours standing up my feet are killing me..with 2 days still to go.

Tomorrow its Chavelle, 5 fingered death punch and Alice n Chains for me..with some random other stages/bands before those three play...and it'll be 8 hours waling and standing in rubber boots and a rain poncho XD

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