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Day 2 of the Beale Street Festival

Well yesterday was a little off, the festival opened/started 2 hours late to the intense thunderstorm and flooding all Friday night and Saturday morning, thunderstorms here are spectacular, nothing like the ones in Portland/willamate valley. SO I went in my rubber boots and poncho..was fun wading though ankle deep mud near the later part of the evening XD. Saw some Jerry Lee Lewis before heading to the south stage again. There I got to watch an hour of Puddle of Mud and and hour of Seether. However everything/all the bands were starting early as the cut the first ones due to the late opening. So Alice in Chains was supposed to be on and hour early ar 9:30pm and I wadded though mud and beer cans to get close to attempt to get a picture for Angie( was dark with low/weird lighting so it was iffy) but then the loud announcment came up 'due to increment weather this event has been canceled..please proceed to the exits. Basically there'd been a tornado warning since Saturday morning, the alarms were going still when we got to the festival, but the warning/threat level for Memephis went up so the for safely reasons canceled the last acts of the nights/ended it early. So sadly no Alice in Chains for Tina. Hopefully today goes well though my feet hurt and got big blisters on them XD I've been hobbling around this morning, well I'll post again later tonight. ^_^

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