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Late post of Day 3 of the Beale Street Festival

Well I got back on Sunday and spent time with my family instead of posting and I was on a pane all day then to tired yesterday to post so here is a short summary of Day 3. ^^

Well we got there around 5pm and parted ways again thern to Booker T and the Mg's me to 5 fingered death punch..which was ok but I didnt stay to close for their act XD my poor ears. By this day it was muddy everywhere, varying ankle deep and two inch deep mud everywhere at the south end where I spent most my time. Anyway after that I listed to Chavelle which was pretty cool, then I met up with Dad and Angie to wait for 3 Doors Down..after waitign for a whole 30 minutes after when they were supposed to start the President of the Music festival came on to day 3 Doors Down who were i Nashville recording could drive down, the highway was flooded out, then they booked a lear jet which then had mechanical difficultys then booked another plane which apparently also had mechanical difficulties so they weren't showing up which really really sucked...I was looking forward to them. They then got an earlier band to play again, some band called Rock Sugar, but we left. XD ad that was the end of the Festival ^^.

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