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A Few Memphis in May Pics

Here's a few Memphis in May pics, my Dad e-mailed there to me, the rest though he put on a disk and is mailing to me so those I'll put up later ^^

Blurry 30 Seconds to MArs Pic, most for this band are blurry-the dark the strobe lights and movement made it almost impossible to get a clear pic, though I did get one or two, thier on the disk so I'll post em later ^^

Jerry Lee Lewis getting started

Can't remember or tell, but judgeing by light its either Pubble of Mudd setting up or Chavelle

Tina at Memphis in May early on ( aka no deep mud)

The Shallow Mud XD

Crowd Shot and a look at the ground (the shiny spot is an area of ankle/over ankle deep mud)


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