Christina P. aka tinabinna666 (tinabinna666) wrote,
Christina P. aka tinabinna666


Graduate school wise- got into my school of last resort San Jose State University (not that it inst a good school, just that it is the fully online program and I'd prefer real on campus face-to-face classes). Sent out applications for University of North Caroline and Indiana State University, but they haven't sent out responses yet as their application deadlines are just now ending.

Medical Issues- well after several tests, blood, other fluids ultrasound and a HIDA scan, a visit to a G.I specialist its official, they believe my gallbladder is blocked/not working. So I have a date set, June 10th for surgery to get it removed. Hopefully this is the only issue and I can got back to a pain/violent sickness free life where I can eat food without fear of it coming back up painfully at random times.

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